2017 winner of the Scythe Prize’s fiction category announced

Rusty Scythe Publishing is pleased to announce the winners of the fiction and nonfiction categories of the 2017 Scythe Prize contest/book. Now that the judging is complete, pieces are proofread one last time, the book interior and cover design is finalized for digital print, and other not-as-exciting things are handled. The book will be available in September (most likely)!

The winners from each category receive $200, a copy of the 2017 Scythe Prize book, and prominence in the printed publication.

After the jury read and ranked their top five stories, I determined that “Kittens” by Meagan Lucas received the highest average marks from the three-judge panel.

Congratulations to Meagan Lucas, a graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University, for being named the 2017 Winner of the Scythe Prize for Story. You can read her story by clicking here. 

Stay tuned; later this week, the nonfiction winner will be revealed.


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