Scythe Prize Essay/Creative Nonfiction Results

Hello, all.

Of the dozens submitted, I chose to include 10 essay/creative nonfiction pieces in the Scythe Prize’s printed anthology. The book is due (probably) early fall 2017. If you see your name, congratulations. If not, I apologize. Keep writing, keep reading. Read these. Keep going.

If you are chosen to be published, you’re also eligible for the $200 prize in the essay/CNF category. I will announce winners in both the nonfiction and fiction categories as soon as results are returned from the prize jury.

Here are the nonfiction pieces selected for publication:

Jake Dardzinski – Western Washington University – “A Writer’s Path”

Alexandria Redd – University of Utah – “Abandoned Buildings and Crayon Drawings”

Rachel Wyman – Pratt Institute – “Body Snatching/A Love”

Christopher S. Davis – Alaska Pacific University – “Dandelions”

Elizabeth Ensink – Hope College – “Ecosystem of Echoes”

Carter Vance – Carleton University – Fainting Distance”

Hayley Bowen – Black Hills State University – “Just Like Last Time”

Mary Hess – New York University – “You Must Not Eat Much, Huh?”

George Such – University of Louisiana-Lafayette – “Where’s My Lunch”

Krystal Lau – University of California- Los Angeles – “With the Same Lungs”


Again, congrats to the nonfiction authors selected for publication. Good luck to you all in being considered for the 2017 Scythe Prize and the cash that comes with it.


Check back for updates on the stories, publication plans, cover designs, and more. Also, be sure to like Rusty Scythe Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.






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