The 2017 Scythe Prize – Update (3-27-16)

It’s the last week of March, which means the final few days to submit to the 2017 Scythe Prize contest and book are here. The deadline for college writers to submit their short stories or creative nonfiction pieces for consideration is April 1.

Since the last update, a few dozen more entries have rolled in with a few being worth a second read. Also since the last update, the funds from our successful Kickstarter campaign were authorized and collected. I should have access to the funds very soon. Thanks again to all who helped!

Though I haven’t read many of the pieces that have come in (it’s a long process…no need to rush), I have typically read the first few sentences of each to see if I’m taken, arrested, or urged to read on. A couple of pieces have elicited enough for me to get through to the end, which tells me I’ve got enough to publish a solid collection. The prize jury will have its say on the best story and essay/CNF pieces when I choose what will be included in the printed book (due late 2017).

So. The timeline has been stated before, but here are the next steps:

  1. Collect until the deadline.
  2. Read each piece, determining what’s a “No” or “Yes” or “Maybe” in terms of publication and consideration for the prizes.
  3. A final group of selections will be forwarded to prize jury members who will judge and choose their favorites.
  4. Sometime between now and the final say from the jury, I’ll have the book designed and formatted.
  5. A digital print of the book will be proofed.
  6. A final version of the book’s cover and interior will be forwarded to the digital printer. Upon completion, the books will be available for sale. I will sell a small number; Amazon will have the book as well. Contributors to the book will be able to buy the book (including shipping) from me for the same price as Amazon’s.
  7. I’ll give copies to people who backed the Kickstarter project’s second and third levels. Depending on budget, I may distribute a few copies this summer to folks who can review it. Hopefully, that’s a luxury a successful Kickstarter campaign can afford us all.

Stay tuned for more updates. Also, find Rusty Scythe Publishing on Facebook and Twitter for news.


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