Success! Now on to more submissions, timeline


Two months ago, I launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $1,200 for the creation of the 2017 Scythe Prize book. And after the 60 days, over $1,300 was pledged on Kickstarter while another couple hundred was given offline. Thanks to everyone who helped offset some of the costs and believing in me/the Scythe Prize once again!

Check out the Kickstarter page here. 

Now that the majority of the Scythe Prize book’s creation is paid for, it’s on to being a full-time marketer (Ugh). There are two-and-a-half weeks left to submit to the 2017 Scythe Prize. The number of submissions seems to be down from last year, but I will continue to get the Call for Papers out there and hope college students send submissions in a flurry last minute. Fingers are crossed. At the end of this post, you’ll find a photo of the Call. Share if you please with friends and professors. Also, if you’ve got a lead for me, they are appreciated (Facebook groups, marketers on Fiverr you’ve used, etc.).

I’ve been asked a couple of times about the timeline for the contest and book. So. Here’s an estimation for you.

  • The submission period ends April 1. I will hope and see whether I feel comfortable with the number/quality of submissions and gauge whether to extend it near the end of March.
  • After the submission period ends, I will take a month to six weeks to choose what’s published. I’ll notify the published authors, get consent to print, and get a complete document ready for the prize jury.
  • The Prize jury (Omaha Public Library Executive Director Laura Marlane, poet Matt Mason, and Seven Doctors founder/University of Nebraska-Omaha MFA in writing instructor Steve Langan) will read and pick the winners. They’ll probably be given a month-ish. Winners will be announced around the Fourth of July.
  • While they are choosing and for a period of time after that, I’ll be designing the book, assigning ISBNs, type setting, copyrighting, etc. All the meticulous, mundane things that go with publishing.
  • That puts the calendar at or around August. And because there’s no giant rush and it can become a little overwhelming at times, just assume this is an aggressive timeline. The book will be finally printed sometime in the fall of 2017. Last year’s book was out on Labor Day…it’ll be a bit after that this time around. I think. Stay tuned.
Again, thanks to Kickstarter backers! I’ll be in touch very soon. And to anyone reading this, thanks for following Rusty Scythe and the 2017 Scythe Prize! And please share the Call for Papers with student and teacher friends. Look for the final product later this year. I hope it is something we can all be proud of.




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