Scythe Update – March 10, 2017

Hello, all!

The Kickstarter campaign has 58 hours to go. We’ve pulled together over $1,300 and that will go a long way towards publishing the book. Thanks to all who have supported already! If you would like to make a last minute pledge, I would be grateful.

Click here to see the Kickstarter page. 

Also, if you don’t already, follow Rusty Scythe Publishing and the 2017 Scythe Prize on Facebook and Twitter.

The number of entries is a bit behind last year’s pace, but we have a good number to choose from. The quality of writing seems to be rising as the April 1 deadline for submissions approaches.

If you know a college writer or professor, please share the Call for Papers seen below. Last year’s total of 225 submissions will be hard to reach, but it would be nice to grab a few more interesting essays and crafty short stories by April. The call can also be found in the News and Updates section of this site, on Facebook (link above) and Twitter, too (link above).


Thanks for following and sharing! Talk soon.




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