2017 Scythe Prize update (2-20-17)

Update #4 – Oh so close!

Hello, all!

Since the last update a week ago on Kickstarter, the 2017 Scythe Prize’s campaign has climbed $200 and sits at $1,005 of the $1,200 needed to be successfully funded.

First, thanks again to everyone who has pledged. And thanks to anyone who has also shared the campaign. With just a couple weeks to go, we’re only $195 away from the goal. If just a few more pledges trickle in, I’ll be able to focus on gathering submissions to the prize/book.

Last year, 225 submissions were trimmed to 45 published pieces that were published in the printed book. So far, I’ve got two dozens submissions and the April 1 deadline will hopefully provide me with about the same number of pieces to choose from, if not more. The sooner we fund the project, the sooner I can focus on spreading the Call for Papers, thus reaching more colleges, student writers, and professors who can share the Call with aspiring folks who would benefit from this opportunity.

SO. If you will, please share this update wherever you can. The campaign is SO close to being funded! Also, by sharing, you’ll shoot the Call, which is below, to others.

Thanks for the help thus far and cross your fingers! We’re almost there! For more, visit www.scytheprize.wordpress.com, Rusty Scythe Publishing on Facebook and on Twitter.


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