2017 Scythe Prize Update (1-25-17)

Hey, all. I’ll be updating you as we go and this is the first note regarding the process of the 2017 Scythe Prize!

The contest

I’ve sent the Call for Papers to at least eight sites that post writing contests, posted in Facebook groups, and shared it with over 2200 people via email.

A few submissions have come in though Feb. 1 is the official start date. The deadline to submit is April 1. Here’s the Call for Papers:


Laura Marlane, Director of the Omaha Public Library, Steve Langan, who founded the Seven Doctors writing program and who attended The University of Iowa’s Writers Workshop, and Matt Moore, local award-winning poet, have agreed to constitute the 2017 Prize jury.

Funding the book

Last year, I ran a Kickstarter campaign seeking $5,000 to complete every aspect of The 2016 Scythe Prize’s publishing, promoting, printing, etc. I raised only $1,200 and, as crowdfunders know, that meant I received none of that money.

This year, I’ve set the Kickstarter goal at $1,200. At this point, $225 has been pledged; there are about six weeks left to reach the goal. $1,200 will go a long way in creating the book.

A note: I am seeking the cash so that a) the costs of physically making the book can be offset, b) because I don’t want to charge entry fees, and c) because it takes a bit to copyright, promote, ship, and set register the book.

To fund the project (every dollar counts and you can earn rewards!) visit this link. 


Follow Rusty Scythe Publishing and the Scythe Prize on Facebook and Twitter for updates, info, and more.


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